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We would like to thank Jeff for the most professional inspection job we have ever had. The bottom line is he saved us $6,500. Not only did we get our place for $6,500 less, we had negotiated many repairs to be completed (noted from Jeff's inspection report) - before we released all the monies for the camp. We will have him come back for a another inspection to be sure the new repairs are up to standard. This was all accomplished 1600 miles from where we currently live. We would highly recommend Campbell Property Inspections for any one wishing to know much more about there potential property - than could be expected.
Again Thanks Jeff, Frank & Bonnie


Thank you very much for the detailed report, it was excellent. I appreciate your hard work and advice, it saved me about $1200.00 worth of electrical repairs. I would give you a positive recommendation any time.
Thanks again, Mike Durham


My husband and I wanted to say thanks for such a terrific and thorough home inspection report. In 20 years of owning homes, we’ve never seen anything like it. It’s a great resource to have as new homeowners, because beyond detailing those concerns and issues we need to address with the seller, it gives us a great checklist of things to do once we live in the home. It’s a wonderful resource, and you did an incredibly professional job.
Thanks, Lisa and Barry O’Brien


I found Jeff to be very thorough with an inpection of what turned out to be my first home. I did have some knowledge of what to look for at the time, but he pointed out potential and actual trouble spots that I wouldn't have even thought of (and probably still wouldn't) and I took care of them before they needed immediate attention. Very courteous and took the time to answer all my questions.
Thanks Jeff!
Patrick Dow


I just wanted to say, “Thank you.” My father and I were impressed with the depth of your work and the accuracy between the portfolio and the home. You have definitely earned a recommendation.
Thanks again,
Sarah Lee


Amy and I received the email and hard copy versions of the inspection … thank you so much for such a thorough job. We’ll be sure to refer people to you if the need arises. Also, it was my pleasure to meet you last week. Thanks again.
Kathy Blaisdell


Thank you so much for all of your help! It was a pleasure working with you. I will definitely recommend you guys to my friends/relatives!
Good luck to you too!
Marina Hartley


Thanks for all your help. The owners of the house we are buying are addressing several of the things found in your report and are making the improvements for us as we speak. Thanks again for your time and effort. We will gladly recommend your services for other people and we already mentioned it at our homebuyer's class in Rockland.
Chris and Tiffany Lawrence


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