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Maine’s Home Inspector!

My office is just outside of Augusta in Central Maine. I can do inspections anywhere in Maine, however due to rising fuel cost etc… sometimes I have to charge a little more to cover fuel. In the past I have done inspections as far North in Houlton and as far South as Eliot and everywhere in between.

If you need an inspection call me and I will be able to quote you a price for your home based on your location. Feel free to email me or formally request an inspection through out website. This will provide me with all the details I will need to accurately quote you the best possible price.

There are a lot of costs contributed to buying or selling a home and the inspections is not one you want to price shop… the best deal is not necessarily the BEST INSPECTION! My service and product speaks for itself! It stands out amongst the rest. I might not be the most expensive out there but I am not the cheapest either! I will provide you with an inspection that will provide you with a wealth of details and knowledge about your purchase.