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Winter Ready

Are You “Winter Ready” ?

Many of us wait too long to prepare for the cold winter months. Some know something should be done but don’t know where to start. There are certainly a lot of options out there from new or alternative heating sources to adding insulation or new windows.

Campbell Property Inspections wants to help by providing a low cast weatherization inspection of your home. We will go through you home looking for areas of improvement. These improvements will be relayed to you through an easy to read report and if needed, we have the technical people to provide estimates to make the improvements.

Don’t go another Winter freezing in an attempt to Save $$$!  We can help you find places to make improvements that will pay you back. Low income investments in your home that will lower your fuel bills by improving your home’s efficiency! Here are just a few of the possibilities:

  • New Windows or Doors – save HUNDREDS plus new tax incentives.
  • Better Insulation (or additional Insulation) in attics, basements, walls
  • Weather stripping – doors, windows
  • Heating System Upgrades – new system or just improve existing! Tax Incentives available!
  • Secondary heating systems -wood, pellet, gas
  • Hot water heaters – High Efficiency models, insulate current units
  • Lighting Upgrades – new fixtures, efficient light bulbs
  • Outlet & Switch Insulators
  • Storm Doors – Insulated Storm doors
  • Close off drafty bulkheads!

Campbell Property Inspections is building a team of qualified professionals that can meet your needs. Providing quotes that you can AFFORD! While we may not necessarily be doing the work ourselves, we take pride in using qualified professionals that control the right balance of quality & costs.

If you desire a full ENERGY AUDIT, let us know! We’ve teamed with a professional energy auditing firm that allows us to meet your needs! Call Jeff @ 207-441-9802

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