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I Offer a Wide Range of Inspection and Testing Services.

A home is a very complicated structure. Problems can arise from many different sources. I provide additional Maine Residential Property Inspection and Maine Commercial Property Inspection services that will keep you on top of the most important areas. Below are several Maine Property Inspection Services I am able to provide and a brief explanation of why they are important.

Water Quality Test

The quality of water your family drinks, cooks, bathes and washes your clothes and dishes in is very important to the overall health of your family. While many homes have installed filtering systems over the years, routinely testing the water is important to ensure the water (with or without filtering) is satisfactory. If the water supply comes from a private well, a test is imperative to have prior to purchasing. A new drilled well can easily cost thousands of dollars. I can take the water sample, deliver it to the lab and within three to four days, have a detailed written report of the results.

Water Quantity

In addition to water quality, a quantity test should also be conducted to measure the pressure and flow of the water. This is typically only conducted on properties with private wells. If a well cannot keep up with the demands of your family, the only likely solution is a new well. A pressure and flow test can provide valuable information about your well and whether there is a problem. Flow & Pressure tests involve measuring of the gallons per minute output and the ability to maintain that capacity over a period of time.

Construction Draw & Progress Inspections

During the construction of a new home, your financial institution may require each phase of construction be inspected prior to releasing payment for that work. This is where I come in. Working with your bank, I make the necessary, often repeated visits to the site, gathering information and photos for the bank to base the level of completeness. Each bank or institution requires a different format, however, I always provide a written report of my findings. These inspections can also benefit you to ensure quality work is being performed. So even if your bank does not require inspections, it is a good idea for you to personally require them. It provides written documentation of the status of the home and ensures proper practices and materials are used.

Septic System Inspections***

The septic tank system in a home is obviously of great importance. Tanks typically need to be pumped about every five years depending on the number of people living in the home. I can provide independent, State Certified, physical tank inspections, which means some excavation will be necessary to uncover the access port to the tank. There are other, non-invasive tests which can be done as well. These involve the use of dye and placing a drain load on the tank so it will provide flow into the drain field. If the dye shows on the surface in the drain field, it indicates a percolation problem in the drain field. I offer both tests. If you are considering purchasing a home, you will need to obtain the permission of the owner in writing in order to have an actual tank inspection.

***Please note that this service is provided by a third party State Certified Septic Inspector who gets paid separately and provides their own independent report. We only utilize State Certified Inspectors, and make arrangements on your behalf if requested. CPI does not receive any compensation for this service. For more information on oen of the Septic Inspectors we refer, go to AJ’s Septic Inspections.

Lead Sampling

Lead has been found in many interior and exterior paints used in residential applications. Prior to 1978 it was very common, however since then, the EPA has prohibited the use of lead in paints. Therefore it is important to have simple lead surface sample testing performed to identify the possibility of lead. Once identified, you can proceed in having it removed or treated safely. Those with small children should not hesitate in having this simple test performed.

Radon Sampling

Radon is a radioactive gas that you cannot see, taste or smell. Studies have shown it to be the second leading cause of lung cancer in the U.S. It is released from naturally decaying uranium deposits in nearly all soils. Very easily controlled once identified, you must first perform a simple test to measure the levels present. The EPA has specific guidelines for testing and recommendations for removing radon from homes. Based on these guidelines it can be determined if the levels are safe or not. For additional information go to:

Mold Sampling

Mold can have significant effects on a person’s health and EVERY home has some type of mold or allergen present. Every person reacts different to various allergens ranging from simple sniffles to headaches and vomiting. It is important to know what your home contains in order to properly treat it. During a typical General Home Inspection we evaluate the property thoroughly and look for signs of mold like substances or potential mold problems. When we see a problem we will make recommendations for further testing. Mold testing is performed separately from a standard inspection since not everyone needs the same tests and lab fees will vary. We test mold in a variety of ways: First we can take a physical sample such as a swab, tape or carpet sample; second we can perform an air quality sample of the interior and exterior of a home to determine what types of mold spores are present. These samples are then sent to a certified laboratory for analyzing by a qualified professional who then reports back to us the results. The EPA has specific guidelines for testing and recommendations for removing mold from homes. Based on these guidelines it can be determined if the levels are safe or not. For additional information go to:

Special Services


Whether you are going away for the winter, moving, or have acquired a home in Maine that will be vacant for an extended period of time during the cold months, you should consider having it winterized. Even if you plan on leaving the heat on during this time, winterizations will help prevent unnecessary freezing and damage should the heat go out. I offer a number of services to prepare your home or property for the cold months ahead including draining & air blowing of heating, water and drain piping, as well as adding non-toxic anti freeze to drains & traps. Too often home owners, banks or realtors come back to find severe damage to the home because of frozen and broken pipes. And when it is time to open the house back up in the spring… we can return to make sure the process is reversed properly. Special Note on Winterizing Boilers: The only way to guarantee the prevention of freeze-ups is proper winterization. This may include the pumping of Anti-freeze into a heating system (boiler). This may not be the most economical method as it may be less expensive to leave the heat on a lower setting. This is a judgement call. Simply draining a heating system and pressurizing the piping is not a guarantee of damage prevention.


Often when you purchase a home, particularly foreclosures, the prior tenants leave a lot behind. I can come in and remove all debris inside and out. This will allow you to better assess what repairs, modifications or upgrades are required to get the home back to suitable conditions, without the hassle of dealing with the mess. If personal items are left behind, I can arrange to have them stored until the owners can take possession. Minor repairs and board-up services are available as well to ensure the house is safe and secure.

Lock Changes

When acquiring new property, whether an individual homeowner or a bank, often the locks to the property require changing. New locks can be installed, to your specification, so only those allowed have access to the property. Lock boxes are also available.


Whether just a simple sprucing up after a tenant has moved on or if the property is in a state of disarray after foreclosure, we can provide cleaning services that include vacuuming/shampooing of carpets, washing of walls, floors, cabinets, appliances, bathrooms and windows. We also offer an array of regular cleaning services such as weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or spring cleaning.